Life is What Happens

The title of my blog "Life is what happens" was inspired by a song which John Lennon wrote for his son. The lyrics of "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)" contain the famous Lennon quote, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

Ancestry Dot Com

I spent about five hours on last night.  Although that may sound like a boring Saturday night, it was a blast. 

Why would any of us care about 200 year old dead people who share a blood line with us?  Maybe because we want to figure out why Little Susie has a crooked smile or where Brother Alfred got his high IQ?  Or is it simple curiosity whether we were descended from peasants or nobility? Whatever the reason, it is an interesting real life puzzle to put together.

It seems that in each family there are one or two members who are interested enough in their roots to research them. One of them may be fervently digging for names, birth dates, and geographical locations while the others may be mildly interested.  I have always been interested but have found if I don't make a record of their information my memory fails me when I have to repeat to the others.  

Now, fortunately we have to replace or enhance the Family Bible with the Family Tree in the centerfold. Instead of the blurry, ink-smeared shaky writing of Grandma, we can get a more accurate picture of our forerunners to a greater degree of accuracy through the online site.    

This is not an advertisement for  It is simply my excitement in sharing something worthwhile.  I will spare the details of the results of my searches.  And if you want information from me, you'll have to look for yourself because I have already forgotten much of what I enjoyed finding.  

Happy Searching.


Elizabeth said...

Check out my Huxford/Lockhart tree for at least half of your story!

Ann said...

I also have done some family searches here. My mother was an avid researcher for our family. I have been a member of the DAR for 50 years, thanks to her work. This site makes it so easy and so interesting.
Love your blog!